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Internship & Incubation

Jockey Club Smart City Tree Management Project


*Capacity Building Program*

Aim :
1. To educate students on environmental science, evolving urban ecology and practice of urban forestry and arboriculture
2. To encourage knowledge building and involvement in urban ecology and resilient urban landscapes

Target :

Local tertiary students with keen interests in trees

Class Schedule :

Class T1901 : 5/1, 19/1, 23/2, 2/3

Course Format : Lectures and Field Trips

Fees : FREE

Registration :


Four Students from The Education University of Hong Kong collaborated with us on a Research Project – Consumption Habits and Attitude of Hong Kong People

27th March, 2018

Environment Bureau – Sustainable Development School Outreach Programme Workshop at TWGHs Mr & Mrs Kwong Sik Kwan College

27th March, 2018

Four Students from the Worcester Polytechnic Institute, United States, collaborated with us on a Research Project – Circular Economy: How to Reduce Disposable Plastics Usage in the Hong Kong Food Industry

23th February, 2018

Dialogue with Masters Students from the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

 7th November, 2017

Summer Institute 2017 – Final Presentation

 1st September, 2017

Pitching Workshop for FoE x RTHK Community Involvement Broadcasting Service on the 13-episode Radio Program – “City Forest–Forest City”

11th August, 2017